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Meditrina is Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur The teeth are a very important part of the body and good health starts with good oral health. The general well-being is associated with good oral health. New research has shown a close relation between periodontal disease and cardiac disease.Looking after your teeth then becomes a very important aspect and we at Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur provide comprehensive dental care in all specialties of Dental Surgery in an extremely clean and hygienic environment at an affordable cost.The Dental Department at Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences is run by a team of Dental specialists who deal with all kinds of treatments including:-
Endodontics | Prosthodontics | Orthodontics | Pedodontics | Periodontics | Implantology | Cosmetic dentistry

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Decay occurs when plague, a sticky substance that forms on teeth, combines with the sugars and /or starches of the food we eat. This combination produces acid that attacks tooth enamel leaving behind the cavity …


An unattractive smile can really lower a person’s self-esteem. At Max Healthcare, we have the best doctors along with the latest technology to give you the best possible treatment to give you that perfect smile…

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