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The aim at the department of Dermatology in Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences is to deliver the highest quality of care to patients with skin disorders. Best Dermatology Hospital in Nagpur This entails the application of the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases in an atmosphere of compassion and respect. The Dermatology Best Dermatology Hospital in Nagpur offers outpatient dermatology consultation for various primary and tertiary-level dermatological diseases.

In today’s world of advanced medicine and technology people are living longer healthier and more active lives. Skin degradation and imperfections are unavoidable aspects of time. Whether it is acne or premature aging of skin or hair on unwanted areas all can lead to a negative impact on careers and self-image.

Cosmetic laser treatment is suitable for – Advanced Outpatient Services Offered –
Permanent Hair removal Electrocautery, Electrosurgery and Electrolysis
Acne Removal Radiofrequency cautery
Age & Sun Spots treatments Cryosurgery
Birthmarks Removal Dermabrasion and scar revision
Blemishes Removal Acne Surgery
Fine Lines & Wrinkles treatments Vitiligo Surgery
Psoriasis Treatment Chemical Peeling
Skin Rejuvenation Dermatopathology
Tummy tuck Intralesional Injections
Removal of spider veins, telangiectasia. Wrinkle Treatment
Dr.Esha Agarwal- Meditrina hospital(best multispeciality hospital in nagpur)
Dr Esha Agarwal

First Condition

Vascular disease is a group of diseases of the blood vessels (arteries and veins of the circulatory system) where there is a disorder and disruption in the blood flow that can lead to disability and even death.

Second Condition

A heart transplant is a surgical transplantation that is performed on patients with end-stage heart failure, or severe coronary artery disease. The patient’s heart is replaced with a donor’s healthy heart and is performed…

Third Condition

Cardiac dysrhythmia (also known as arrhythmia and irregular heartbeat) is a condition in which there is abnormal electrical activity in the heart. The heartbeat may be too fast or too slow, which is considered as irregular.

Fourth Condition

A heart attack (Myocardial Infarction (MI) or Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI)) is the interruption of blood supply to a part of the heart which causes heart cells to die. It generally occurs when a blood clot completely…








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