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Internal medicine- Meditrina hospital(best multispeciality hospital in nagpur)

Internal Medicine or General Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. The internists (physicians specializing in internal medicine) are skilled in managing patients who are suffering from undifferentiated or multi-system disease processes.

It is a mother specialty as it takes care of hospitalized and ambulatory patients and provides medical cover to all surgical and other sub-specialities with a broader vision and expertise. Internists often have subspeciality interests in diseases affecting particular organs or organ systems.

Meditrina Healthcare provides utmost priority to indoor and outdoor patients supported by ICU, emergency care unit for comprehensive care to all critically sick patients.


Dr Ajay Bulle- Meditrina hospital(best multispeciality hospital in nagpur)

Dr. Ajay Bulle


Consultant Intensivist

Dr. Atul Rajkondiwar- Meditrina hospital(best multispeciality hospital in nagpur)

Dr. Atul Rajkondiwar

M.B.B.S, M.D. , D.N.B. (Internal Medicine)

Consultant Physician & Intensivist

Dr.-Vivek-Bhalerao- Meditrina hospital(best multispeciality hospital in nagpur)

Dr. Vivek Bharelaro

M.B.B.S,MD(Internal Medicine)

Consultant Physician & Intensivist



Stomach ache or abdominal pain is a common symptom associated with transient disorders or serious disease. There could be many reasons behind the onset of abdominal pain such as inflammation, distention of an organ….


Loose motions or Diarrhea is the condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements in a day. It is a common cause of death in developing countries and the second most common reason for infant deaths worldwide…


A headache or cephalalgia refers to pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. Nine areas of the head and neck have these pain-sensitive structures, which are the cranium (the periosteum of the skull), muscles


The immune system is a collection of special cells and chemicals that fight infection-causing agents such as bacteria and viruses. An autoimmune disorder occurs when a person’s immune system mistakenly…

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